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Quo Vadis Labs - Hardware Assurance (HWA) capabilities

Scanning silicon chips for backdoors or Trojans is an area of growing importance for governments, the military and commerce alike, as is analysing the security of hardware cryptographic implementations. The development of counter measures required to defend against these known Side Channel Attacks (SCA) on silicon chips is an equally significant parallel field of study.

QVL designs and develops advanced SCA technology which can be used in any area where an analogue waveform can be acquired. Our patented technology has unique features including its high speed, high sensitivity, comparative low cost and the ability to perform waveform analysis in real-time without the need for any expensive digitisation equipment.

Our technology surpasses conventionally available solutions through an innovative, substantially more powerful waveform measuring technique - Pipeline Emission Analysis (PEA).PEA is capable of operating in noise environments where conventional equipment cannot. Thanks to its acute sensitivity even the smallest signal can be detected.

With the knowledge gained from evaluations generated by PEA, our partners are now able to understand potential weaknesses and discover previously unknown vulnerabilities, which remain undetected by conventional Differential Power Analysis (DPA) evaluation systems.

Further research has been undertaken to evaluate PEA in a new field: the evaluation of silicon chips to detect whether they are authentic or clones. Cloned chips have now started to enter the component market, meaning there is no guarantee they will perform their designated function or that they will not fail prematurely. There is growing interest in a high-speed, reliable and cost effective solution that allows detection at any point along the manufacturing supply chain.

QVL offers hardware and software licensing opportunities, test kits for evaluation and consultancy services. Please contact us directly for more information