About Quo Vadis Labs

Our aim is to discover vulnerabilities in communications & electronic systems and secured devices. From there we will develop solutions which will defend against these. These solutions will have both offensive • Near-field and far-field applications for attacking, decoding and recovery of encryption keys from communications systems.
• Extract cryptographic keys from a device or communications channel through side-channel leakage.
These keys include, but are not limited to, AES, DES, TDES, RSA, SHA-1 as well as unknown encryption methods.
• Extract passwords used for access to secret data.
• Reverse engineer the algorithm flow in chips.
• Reverse engineer the instruction flow for CPUs.
• Against security in microcontrollers, smartcards and FPGAs and ASICs to get access to keys and passwords.
and defensive • Monitor device activity to spot any abnormalities caused by faults, trojans,
backdoors or even the attachment of an unexpected or unauthorised device to the system being monitored.
• Failure analysis to spot any faults in the operation of a given chip.
• Reverse engineering of design in microcontrollers, smartcards and FPGAs.
• Analysis of ASICs and custom chips.
• Health monitoring of chip operation.
• Actively scan for trojans and backdoors inserted by third parties or manufacturers.
capabilities and be applicable across a range of platforms and industries • Automotive
• Banking
• Communications
• E-commerce
• Electronic Gaming
• Electronic Meters
• Failure Analysis
• Hardware Security
• Medical
• Military
• Security Service

QVL was formed in 2008 on the back of a research project conducted alongside our long term partners at The Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. The results of this project have led to the development of revolutionary sensor technologies. These technologies have become increasingly important and relevant with the advent of global electronic warfare and cyber threats, be it to National Security, large corporations or critical infrastructure.

Currently the organisation comprises a small team of expert scientists and engineers. Their experience encompasses cryptanalysis, RF systems, semiconductors and network security. During their various careers, the team have worked in a range of industries such as military, automotive, education and security.