Pipeline Emission Development kit now available

The full development kit contains the following documents and facilities:

  1. One fully operational test kit capable of reproducing Pipeline Emission Analysis (PEA).
  2. Copy of all documentation, Gerber files, schematics, Bill Of Materials (BOM), executable code and source code to operate and modify the test kit or make your own systems or devices.

The development kit comes with certain export restrictions. Please note there are also certain restrictions in place covering the organisations wishing to use and develop such technology.

QVL Devkit annotationsQVL Devkit

QVL IP licenses

IP licenses are available in a number of forms: academic, governmental and commercial versions. Each license comes with varying restrictions. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Hardware Security Workshops

We are also able to offer workshops to educate your laboratory staff, engineers or students. The course modules currently available are:

  1. Introduction to Hardware Security
  2. Sample preparation techniques
  3. Common mistakes in secure hardware
  4. Hardware Security lessons and future directions
  5. Optical emission analysis
  6. Optical fault injection attacks
  7. Optically enhanced position locked power analysis
  8. Data remanence in embedded memory
  9. Bumping attacks methods
  10. AES key extraction using power analysis and PEA methods

An additional day to review and revisit any specific areas covered by these workshop topics can be provided for engineers or students.